Tattoo Cover Ups

Everyone makes mistakes, but most do not usually include ones that are permanently tattooed on their body.  Bad tattoos seem to happen all too frequently and people can feel as though they have no option but to live with it.  However, with a talented artist and a little extra money it is possible to get a cover up tattoo that will help you forget about that bad tattoo.

What Goes Into a Good Cover Up Tattoo

In order to cover up a tattoo it is usually required that the new one has darker colors.  You will notice that many cover ups are full of colors which try to cover up the ugliness lurking underneath.  Good cover up colors for solid black tattoos are strong colors like blue or red which overpower the underlying black.

A cover up will also usually be larger than the original tattoo.  To successfully cover up the old one, everything needs to be covered which means a bigger tattoo.  The bigger the tattoo the bigger the cover up, so think wisely about getting that whole back tattoo.

It is not possible to add just anything on top of a tattoo.  The cover up has to follow the old one at least in some ways so that the original tattoo cannot be easily seen in the new one.  Tattoos that have a lot of thick lines in a nonspecific pattern are going to be the hardest to cover up.

Cover ups rely on one main thing; distraction.  Cover ups are not magic, but they do use the trick of illusion to draw people’s eyes away from the old and to the new design.  Strong colors help this, but tattoo artists also create new focal points away from anything that they cannot completely cover up so people will not notice the tattoo underneath.

Fantastic Cover Up Tattoos

Everyone can appreciate a good tattoo cover up.  Here are some examples of successfully covered up bad tattoos.

 Rose tattoo cover up

This tattoo cover is not much larger than the original; just enough to cover it up.  The dark reds in the rose and the lines on the petals help cover up the lines and writing in the original tattoo making it seem as though there never a tattoo there in the first place.

calf tattoo cover up

This cover up is really impressive.  The colors in the new tattoo do a wonderful job of hiding the yellow in the old tattoo.  Also, the patterns that are used to cover up the large red eye in the center keeps the viewer’s eye moving through the tattoo and away from the eye.

 arm tattoo cover up

Here is a great example of how color can be used to cover up a black tattoo.  With the scales on the fish being used as a way to break up the old pattern, the red covers up the black extremely well leaving no trace of the old tattoo.

color cover up tattoo

You can see here how the new tattoo is placed on top of the old one.  The petals break up the old tattoo and the dark purple helps hide the heart in the middle.  The addition of the lighter shades on top of the tattoo helps draw the eye up and away from the cover up area.

 awesome cover up tattoo idea

The cover up done here shows how a design can follow the original and still cover up the tattoo.  The new cover up follows the outline of the old tattoo, but the bright blue covers up the black very well and the added details help distract from the old tattoo.

So getting a bad tattoo is not the end of the world, but it is not the easiest to fix either.  It takes a real artists and some true skill to successfully cover up a bad tattoo.  The best advice that can be given is to take the time in the first place and get something you actually want to have permanently tattooed on your body so you don’t need a cover up.

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