Tattoo Aftercare

A tattoo is forever. It could also prove to be an overwhelming experience. The time and thought process alone could, and very well should take up a good amount of time before you decide to go under the needle. The personal investment of a design decision and sitting in the chair or lying on a table should be taken seriously to ensure you will walk away with a piece of body art that will eternally last. But, the care of your tattoo, and most especially the few days which follow are what’s most significant and essential in order to preserve its longevity. Some artists will explain the process of aftercare or may even offer a brochure to walk you through proper care instructions, but you may encounter a few who just do their job and wave goodbye when it’s all said and done. Let’s take a look at some detailed instructions on how to care for a tattoo throughout the healing process and beyond which will easily guide you through the healing process.

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Most people don’t realize that getting a tattoo produces a rush of adrenaline, and for some, it may cause them to become dizzy or lightheaded. One may avoid this unpleasant sensation by eating something before, during and/or after getting inked. Even some juice can curb the dizziness. Afterwards, take a nap, and stay hydrated. And, if possible, have a friend or family member join you for the experience. They can drive you home afterwards if you’re not feeling up to it.

tattoo aftercare

Early aftercare is beneficial in order of keeping the vibrant color, and also to prevent scarring. When you leave the tattoo shop, the artist will cover your creation with a gauze bandage to keep airborne bacteria from infecting the wound. As much as you want to rip it off and show off your new piece to everyone, do your best to keep it on for two hours at the very least. Any longer will risk the gauze drying to your skin. Once it is removed, slowly, allow the skin to air dry for fifteen minutes. Then, wash with warm water and an antibacterial soap. Next, apply a thin layer of ointment such as A & D Ointment, witch hazel or Bacitracin. The tattoo artist may also sell organic salves that could be just as good, too. Continue this process at least three times a day for up to five days. It is very important to keep it clean, and hydrated. Loose cotton clothing is recommended also so the fresh wound doesn’t stick. It’s ok to shower, but don’t soak in a bath tub, pool or hot tub during the healing period. It could cause the scab to come off too soon which can scar. And, avoid the sun for at least three weeks. Your tattoo will naturally tend to be itchy, and the sun could dry it out even more which will want you to scratch. If you scratch or pick at the scabs, infection will occur.

Long term care proves to be advantageous for your new tattoo if you abide by the rules aforementioned. Once you leave the tattoo shop, the artist is not responsible for any infections that may develop afterwards, so it’s extremely important to follow the rules to keep your new tattoo vibrant and free from corruption. Sunblock and light moisturizers should become your best friend once the tattoo has healed completely, also. Now, and for the rest of your life, keep the work of art protected.


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