5 Things to Consider When Deciding on a Tattoo

So you want a tattoo, but where do you begin?  Deciding on a tattoo is not an easy task, but instead requires a lot of time and thought.  There are many things both personal and financial that you need to consider when getting a tattoo.  Once you solidify the details of your tattoo, you can feel assured it will be perfect for you.

How much are you willing to spend?

When getting a tattoo the worst thing you can do is be cheap.  This is not a pair of jeans you are going to be able to throw away and get a new pair; this is something that is permanent.   Be prepared to spend a little cash for a nice tattoo.  Also, consider the size of your tattoo for how much you want to spend.  Larger tattoos can run up to a few hundred dollars while small ones can be less than $40.

Where do you want to get it?

Deciding where you want to get your new tattoo is just as important as deciding what you want.  Technically you can get a tattoo anywhere you want, but certain areas come with some consequences.  Places such as your ribs or the top or your foot where there is little muscle and mostly bone is going to hurt the most.  Also, any area that is visible may mean you will get some strange stares or even lose a job.  Placement is extremely important for tattoos.

What design do you want?

Once you know where you want your tattoo, you can then start to think about what design you want.  A big no-no is to go online and pick a tattoo someone else already has.  You want your tattoo to mean something to you and be personal.  Also, unless you are an artist, you should have someone such as a tattoo artist draw your design.  That way you can make sure the design is perfect.

Do you really like your design?

After your design is drawn out exactly how you want you should wait at least a few months before getting it.  This gives you time to decide that the tattoo you want now is really something you want tattooed on your body for the rest of your life.  Putting your design somewhere you will see it every day is a good way to get used to it.  If it gets boring after a few weeks then you know it’s not something you really want.  If after 6 months you love it as much as you did the day it was drawn, you can feel assured it is the right tattoo for you.

tattoo idea for girls

Who is going to do the tattoo?

Just as imperative as placement and design, deciding the artist who will be doing your tattoo is key.  If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, doing a lot of research is a good place to start.  Ask your friends who have gotten tattoos who they went to or walk into local tattoo shops and get to know the artists there.  You want to make sure you and the artist you choose have a good connection and they understand exactly what you want.

Now that you have your tattoo and you are satisfied, show it off!  Share your new tattoo with family and friends and tell them the meaning behind it.  You will find that a lot of people will ask you about it so get used to talking to strangers.  In the end, a tattoo is something that you should be proud of so take the time to make it perfect to fit what you want to share with the world.


Photos:  Some rights reserved by Konstantin Lazorkin, and Kath [is not here right now]

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